Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sometimes, I think of you.
It can trigger immense emotion of happiness,
of lightness,
of being infinite.
Some emotions seize me,
My heart constricts
I'm conflicted.
I watch you sleep,
how peaceful you are;
it's calming.

Sometimes, I think of you.
We are happy and sad and
frustrated and angry
and lost and found and,
most important of all,
I know now it doesn't matter
what we are.

When we are near, I feel
Like fire caused by friction,
we are burning, engulfing the world.
Melted, fused together,
we are connected by energy
flowing between us, through us.

My vision is fuzzy,
my mouth is dry,
my skin is cold.
I'm on my knees
praying for no pain.
And when the day comes,
the smile will reach my eyes
as well.

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