Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Been a while.

Well, I apologize. It has been too long, but the thing is, I've been so busy. Work last week was ridiculously busy, getting ready for a wedding and whatnot. Saturday was the wedding, so I have had no time. Also, I've been hanging out with friends a lot and coming home around two or three in the morning, leaving me no time to write.

And I must say, I am in a writing mood. Maybe I don't write enough on this blog. I don't like to share my writing with many people, but I think that the number of people who read my entries is slim, so I'm safe, for now. [=

Here goes nothing.

Early morning light seeps between the blinds
I don't want to wake you
Shadows dance playfully
on your peaceful face
and I have to catch my breath
For no feeling is greater than
that of no worries
You start to stir and
I'm standing on a ledge
suddenly on edge and
I think to myself
"What are the benefits of jumping?"
In that moment, you open your eyes
and smile
The corners of the room blur
We are nowhere and everywhere all at once
My mind is a clean slate, all forgotten
We are safe once again
The time passes, and once you cross the thresh hold
out of my house and into the world
The force of the past overwhelms me
I am caught off guard
Desperately trying to forget
"leave" I whisper
yet the memories remain
and I am helpless
Days may pass, but not without conflict
Until the time comes when you think of more than one
We can never return to our former glory

Ahhh the writing. It cleanses me. Enjoy.

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