Monday, April 4, 2011

Even though

Yeah. I'm positive that no one reads my blogs. That's all right, though. I just like to share my thoughts sometimes. If someone happens to read it, and their day gets a little better, well, that's all right with me.

Have you ever experienced something quite as extraordinary as a lightning storm? I witnessed one today with a friend while returning to my dorm after a run. It was exquisite. Lightning, I feel, is just this amazing occurrence. Do you know what it does when it hits sand? It can create glass. Amazingly twisted, beautiful glass.

It lights up a dark sky. It is jagged like a scar in the black night, yet as beautiful as a painter's charred burn across a canvas. To me, it is this mysterious event that leaves me in awe every time I witness it. I really can't explain how I feel when I see it.

It's almost like life itself. Beautiful and quick as a flash. It's something that is bright and non-linear and can either create something amazing or cause destruction. It strikes almost anywhere, and is hot and electric and  sudden.

Jeez, I could go on. Lightning is how I want to live my life. To me, lightning is life. It leaves its mark.

I hope to do the same. Leave my ashen burn on the ground and have people wonder about me for years to come. Wonder where I came from, how fast I came, and if I'll ever return in the same spot again.

I guess these blogs are a good thing.

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  1. Yeah- ever seen 'Sweet Home Alabama" with Reese Witherspoon? The shop her ex runs sells Lightning Glass- and there are shops that sell it in RL too. Someday I'm gonna own one of those pieces, too!!