Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let the Games Begin...

So, the process has begun. Sure, the actual writing hasn't began, but I did start something! Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

In eighth grade, I kept a journal (as most do), and it contains a lot about the hard times I went through. To start, I reread the entire thing and took notes on what would be good to use in a book. My idea is this: To correlate parts of my old journal with the knowledge I have now about what I was going through, how I got through it, and where I am today.

I want teens to know that it's okay to feel sad and depressed, and that there are others ways of relieving those feelings other than having to talk to someone. Not all kids can talk to someone about how they are feeling, and considering the lack of research done on teen depression, I feel like I really need to do something.

I'm not sure how long it will take to write it, but I'm willing to push myself to finish it!

Who knows? I nanny. It's rough to try to write a book and watch a seven and eight year old who are not my children!

Also, I think I should start recording my dreams. They are so twisted. My mom keeps saying I could be the next Stephen King, so why not? I definitely think my thoughts are twisted enough to try and accomplish that!!!

My dream last night? My days were normal and I was going about my business, yet when night hit and I was doing regular activities around the house, any part that was shadowed or had a shadow would come alive, and creatures would emerge from the darkness.

Crazy, right?

Let the writing begin.

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  1. LOL- Hun, its hard to watch kids who ARE your own too...LOL Good Luck on the book......It starts with research... determination....and one single word.