Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm addicted and I just can't get enough

It's been too long since my last blog, but life decided to get crazy.

I went to Jersey for five days. Went to my first Red Bulls game! I know that it is completely against my Philadelphian teams, but they are pretty good. Don't worry, I'm still a Phillies fan and a Flyers fan [=

Hoboken is a cool town. It's right across the river from New York City. There is so much to do! I love it there. Of course, it's always nice to see my boyfriend as well =P

Speaking of boyfriends, I just got to that part in my book. Ahh, puppy love in seventh grade. This part of my book would be nice, if I didn't lose my best friend at the time over it. Nevertheless, the book IS coming along despite work and being in Jersey more than my actual hometown. I've even decided on a layout, and have the first "chapter" laid out, which I'm so excited about!!

The hardest part is going to be getting this book out there. Three pages so far, and I think it's going really well!! It's awesome. I feel so liberated! Hopefully, I can also get the children's book I read out there at some point, too.

What's funny about the children's book I wrote is two things: 1) The whole thing is written in limerick. I think that it's really original and I think that makes it pretty cool. 2) I wrote the "pre-book" of that in kindergarten about a lonely heart who finds a friend. So cute [=

I'm really happy to finally be home, but I do miss my second home ]= I won't be able to see him for three weeks, but I'm going back to school soon, which will really be hard to keep the blog going, but I am determined to do it! I hope that I can pick up some more followers.

My second home! =D

Now, it's time to work some more on that story! 


  1. Cute Pic- Keep up the work on the book hun.....Amazing isnt it- that an idea you had in the earliest days of school turned into a reality!!
    I've always wanted to be a published author. I think I made it start coming true when I was in the 5th grade!! Been published quite a few times in local publications- but I'm shooting for the stars- My book(s). It's a race to see which of the 4 will be published first!!!

  2. It's so amazing! Thank you for your support! I hope that I one day see your books on the shelves[=

  3. Love that idea....everything written in limerick.
    Good luck with it! I'm about to go back to school myself (teaching, that is) so I know what you mean about little time for writing then :)